Baterai NMC Li-ion 3.7v PLB INR26650-50A 5000mAh

Baterai NCM INR26650-50A 5000mAh biru adalah baterai 26650 terbaik saat ini
verified by DOE optimization experiment, strict selection and supervison of incoming material, strict manufacturing process controlled, to ensure the battery cell high consistency on static state of initial matching, charge-discharge dynamic process and attenuation performance of the long-term cycling.

Cell Part number:
26650-5000mAh, NiCoMn chemical system

Cell dimension:
Diameter: 26.3±0.2mm, Height: 65.3±0.3mm(see right picture )

• Mobile digital products: power banks, flashlights, electric shavers, electronic cigarettes.

• Household small power products: electric vacuum cleaners, sweeping robots.

• Portable power bank: outdoor portable power supply.

• LEV light electric vehicles: electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric scooters.

Characteristic advantages:
• High safety:Non-explosion, Non-fire, Non-leakage.

• Consistency:High consistency performance from cell initial static grouping process to dynamic diversification after assembly process and attenuation characteristics during cell cycling.

• Long cycle:100% DOD, 1000 + cycles.

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